University Fraudster

Finally Apprehended

Finally Apprehended

The police have detained a man who for more than a year duped several universities pretending to be a lecturer of law. Using fake documents, 46-year-old Mariusz K. clocked up debts of more than PLN 100,000, and hundreds of students had to retake their exams. Spokesman of Warsaw Police Headquarters (KSP) Mariusz Mrozek said that in February 2010 Mariusz K. was employed at a university as a lecturer using the personal data of an Israeli citizen. In order to sign his contract he used forged documents: a letter from a government ministry, an international law PhD certificate from a foreign university, a post-doctoral certificate also from a foreign university and a letter of recommendation. In all he duped three universities that employed him. When his employers realised that Mariusz K. is not the person who he was claiming to be, the man disappeared. The Public Prosecutor issued a warrant for his arrest and he was apprehended on 16 September but pretended to be a student of Jewish studies at a renowned university in Krakow. In order not to be recognised, he wore a Hassidic disguise, together with a distinctive hairstyle and beard. The charges against Mariusz K. carry a sentence of up to eight years in prison.

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