Boruc Makes Fool of Himself



Polish goalkeeper Artur Boruc is in the news again. British commentators were ruthless in their opinion of the Pole. In the 22nd minute of the Arsenal-Southampton match the Pole began to dribble with the ball while Olivier Giroud powered down on him. Boruc lost the ball, and his team conceded a goal. The game ended 2-0 to Arsenal, Giroud scored again from the penalty spot in the 87th minute. “A moment of madness by Boruc,” according to a Daily Telegraph journalist. “Farce,” according to a reporter. The Guardian report was the most ruthless, they tweeted: “Boruc confirms the words of Ruud Gullit, a goalkeeper is a goalkeeper because he doesn’t know how to play football”. This is a another Boruc setback that has occurred in recent weeks. The other Polish goalkeeper, Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny, received moderately positive reviews largely due to the fact that Southampton did not really force him to make any difficult saves. gave him a solid three stars out of five. Artur Boruc, on the other hand, was dubbed anti-hero of the match.

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