High-speed Poland

Making Poland Faster?

Making Poland Faster?

The Pendolino has been undergoing tests on the Polish railways and has managed to set a new speed record on Poland’s train tracks: 291km/hour. The tests were undertaken on the Central Rail Line (CMK) and began last weekend and will continue for the next two weekends. Railwaymen are testing how the train behaves when travelling at high speeds. The inboard safety systems are being tested in cooperation with the railway network. What is more, the rail network and Pendolino braking systems are being thoroughly analysed and assessed. Due to the tests, passengers may experience delays and other problems when travelling by train over the next few weekends. One connection has been suspended, others are delayed, with one connection delayed by up to two hours. PKP Intercity purchased twenty Pendolino trains. Passengers will get the chance to travel by Pendolino towards the end of next year.

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