Study in Poland or UK?

Learning Abroad?

Learning Abroad?

It depends on what you are looking for in a university, and what you want to study. You need to first know the reason why you want to learn, and then choose a particular field of study. Studies in the UK differ significantly from studies in Poland. Polish universities educate people to perform repetitive tasks. In the UK, practical learning is most important. Be realistic! It is a myth that a British certificate or diploma gives you more. The labour market in Poland is currently extremely tough for students of both Polish and foreign universities. Having a British degree may be more helpful in getting a new job, but it will not make the looking any easier. Peter Karolewski, director of The Hudson, one of the largest recruitment companies in Poland, agrees. He has great respect for graduates of foreign universities, but does not show excessive enthusiasm for them. Karolewski says, “A British University degree certainly adds value to the CV of a candidate, but it will not leave the employer in awe of the wannabe eomployee.”

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