Poland is Watching You

Under Surveillance

Under Surveillance

The outrage over PRISM, the US spying programme created by the NSA, has left its mark on internet service providers. Many have been preparing so called ‘transparency reports’, which include information about requests from various countries to access data on particular users. Such a report has been recently prepared by Google, a company that felt the adverse effects of Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing. Of course, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act neither Google, nor other US companies need to reveal any the data made available to the United States’ Government and its agencies or even inform the public about a request for such information being issued. However, Google has decided to prepare a report with information about requests for data from other countries and law enforcement agencies. Official data comprising only legal requests that Google can inform us about shows nothing has changed in the last few years. US authorities are still the most active, followed by India and Germany. What is interesting, Poland is in 10th place on the list of countries that asked for user data most frequently. Only this year, between January and June, Polish law enforcement agencies asked Google to reveal user data 496 times. These requests were given only in 23% of cases, but this still gives Poland 10th position on the Google list. Unfortunately, the figures published by Google look grim. Since statistics started, the number of requests has continually skyrocketed year-on-year, even in Poland.

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