Wałęsa in American Congress

Wałęsa in USA

Wałęsa in USA

Congressmen together with Lech Wałęsa will watch the newest Andrzej Wajda film. “Wałęsa is back in congress after 24 years,” says the Polish Embassy in Washington. The event is organised by the Polish Embassy and Polish Caucus. In 1989 Wałęsa had his famous speech before the US Senate and this event is the apogee of Wajda’s film. The screening was planned on 8  October, but was impossible because of the budget breakdown in America, when many public places were closed, and employees were sent on holiday. Before the  screening, which will take place in the US congress auditorium, there will also be a discussion with Wałęsa himself. The discussion will be led by Christopher Dodd, a former senator and currently leader of the Motion Picture Association of America. The democrat senator Barbara Mikulski and Polish ambassador Ryszard Schnepf will open the ceremony. “I will be honored to welcome Lech Wałęsa back to the Capitol. When Wałęsa jumped over the wall in the shipyard in Gdańsk, he took the whole world with him. Solidarity brought Poland hope and democracy, but also for me and other people, including Polish Americans from my home city Baltimore,” says Mikulski. Members of the Senate, the House of Representatives and people who had their part in supporting Solidarity are expected among the guests. Robert Więckiewicz, the actor who plays the lead role in the film will be also present. ‘Wałęsa. Man of Hope’ is Poland’s nomination for an Oscar in the non-English language category. It is the final part of Wajda’s  trilogy, following ‘Marble Man’ and ‘Iron Man’. The world release of the movie took place in Venice on 5 September.

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