American Pierogi

The Joy of Pierogi

The Joy of Pierogi

Last year, American diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw uploaded a short film showing their attempts  to learn Polish. This year, they have won the hearts of Polish internet users by making a movie about pierogi, Poland’s best-known export. Employees of  the U.S. Embassy decided to enrich their Thanksgiving menu with some Polish food. First, they had to take pierogi making classes and made traditional pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms. The Americans were taught under the watchful eye of Mrs. Teresa Bart, an old lady from the small Polish town of Zambrów. For some of the American diplomats, making pierogi turned out to be a very big challenge. “It’s hard work,” admitted Stephen Mull, the U.S. Ambassador in Poland emphasising the fact that he had never made dumplings before. “I’ve only eaten them,” he added with a smile. For some of the diplomats pierogi making was easy: “It will be easy to do at home, that’s good,” said the ambassador’s assistant in broken Polish. Cooking with Teresa turned out to be informative in other aspects of life other than cooking. For example, the ambassador learned some new Polish words and the different uses of rolling pins. Teresa said that Polish wives beat their bad husbands with them!

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