Poland Is Not Enough

Jan Kulczyk - Polish Pacesetter

Jan Kulczyk – Polish Pacesetter

We have to understand that the world has drastically changed. Europe has a population of only 500 million, whereas there are 7 billion people in the world. The richest Pole Jan Kulczyk maintains that, “People who do not understand this are bound to fail but those who do understand will succeed”. At the end of last year, Kulczyk personally flew to Afghanistan to close a deal on access to one of the largest copper deposits in the world. Kulczyk has a 45 percent stake in Afghan Gold and Minerals. Moreover, he manages deposits in Afghanistan, and together with a Turkish partner, is searching for silver in Badakhshan, which is situated in the north of the country. Kulczyk has already found oil and gas in Africa. The entrepreneur’s plans are ambitious, because in two years he wants to pump 150,000 barrels of oil daily. This is more or less the same amount of oil that is used by the Polish economy every day.Other Polish companies are doing the same. For instance, PGNiG is looking for oil and gas in Central Africa, Polmos sells alcohol to Africa, Polish meatballs are popular amongst some Africans and Africans drink Polish tea and cappuccino made by Mokate. According to the National Bank of Poland, Polish foreign investment is worth PLN 50 billion. In the past few years, Polish companies have seriously begun to invest abroad. Because of economic problems in Europe, Poland has started to spend money outside the country.

Copper is Big Business

Copper is Big Business

According to the head of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency Mr. Majman, Polish companies began by investing money in neighbouring countries and step-by-step expanded out. They are now unafraid of investing money on the other side of the world. For instance, the Polish copper giant KGHM manages mining projects in Chile, the United States and even Greenland. One year ago, the company purchased Canadian Quadra FNX for PLN 9.4 billion. For KGHM investing in Poland alone is simply not enough. The purchase of Quadra was the most important piece in the jigsaw for the creation of a global power. It is already the third largest producer of copper in the world. Armed with the means, Polish companies are able to invest now because a few years ago even the most powerful players were losing out to foreign competition. Bank PKO BP suffered a setback in Ukraine because it opened a new office in the former Polish city of Lvov. This fact aroused the suspicion and reluctance of Ukrainian customers. For many years, Orlen tried to break into the German market with an eagle in the logo. Only when Orlen changed its brand name to Star, did Germans start using their petrol stations. Currently, there are 500 Star-branded stations. The National Bank of Poland has calculated that Polish companies invested over PLN 5 billion abroad last year, PLN 750 million more than in 2011. According to Majman, Poland has a chance to become a leading foreign investor.

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