Where is Poland?

'American' Map of Europe

‘American’ Map of Europe

U.S.website buzzfeed.com has published maps of Europe annotated by Americans. It seems glaringly obvious that they are not particularly interested in or knowledgable about the Old Continent. The annotated maps show the difficulties Americans have identifying the exact locations of the smaller European countries. On the other hand, the Americans in question demonstrated boundless creativity. Many states were marked with “I don’t know, sorry”, “it is very cold here” or “former commies”. Nevertheless, it seems that the location of Poland in the eyes of Americans is not far off its actual location, although they tend to transpose Poland and Germany or put Poland where Ukraine or the Czech Republic should be. The best identified European countries were Spain, France, Italy, England and Germany. However, U.S. citizens had the greatest problems with the location of the Baltic and Balkan states. Every now and again Turkey and Kazakhstan crept into Europe, and Portugal was called “the other Spain” or “Western Spain”.

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