US Spying on Polish Banks

Spying on Your Money

Spying on Your Money

Be careful if you are in the U.S. longer than six months and get a green card, because the U.S. tax authorities may be interested in how much money you have in Polish banks. According to Rzeczpospolita, information about accounts in Poland will be made available to the U.S. tax authorities. The newspaper explains that this year Polish may sign U.S. FACTA, which concerns the disclosing of finance information of foreign accounts for taxes purposes. If this happens, every Pole who travels to the U.S. for more than half a year and after returning to Poland decides to set up a bank account, will have to notify the bank that he stayed in the U.S. longer than 183 days. Banks will then send this information to the Polish tax authorities, who will forward this to the Americans. The idea is that Polish citizens who are U.S. residents and, for example, have a green card, will have their income taxed in the United States. Rzeczpospolita adds that Professor Irena Lipowicz, the Polish Ombudsman, warns against the adoption of the document. In her letter to the Finance Minister she warns that the deal could violate the Polish Constitution, especially concerning the privacy of Polish citizens. Irena Lipowicz emphasises: “The right to privacy also includes the protection of confidential data about one’s assets.”

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