Luxury Goods Market Growing

Diamond Time

Diamond Time in Poland

The luxury goods market in Poland is growing, nevertheless it is still in the early stage of development. Its value is estimated at $13 billion. KPMG data also shows that the number of people in Poland considered rich and wealthy (earning a minimum of PLN 85,000 gross) is increasing. The figure now stands at 800,000. One of the authors of the KPMG report Andrzej Marczak notes that the increasing affluence of the population means the number of potential buyers is increasing. However, even though Polish people are getting richer, they are far off people from Western Europe, both in terms of the number of rich people and the wealth of average citizens. However, companies selling luxury products have noted the potential in the Polish market. According to research, the most popular luxury goods on the Polish market are luxury cars (40% of the total market). Also popular among wealthy Poles are luxury clothes and accessories, as well as high-class hotel services and prestigious real estate. The presentation of this year’s report was held in one of Warsaw’s most prestigious locations, Szklany Żagiel on Złota street. 59 luxury brand companies took part in the research.

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