Christmas Moneymakers

Dressed for Financial Success

Dressed for Success

If you want to earn some extra money at Christmas, you should become Santa Claus because his salary are highest. At the other extreme are waiters who work on Christmas Eve or New Year‘s Eve. Working as elves or snowflakes is also not very well paid. Krzysztof Inglot from a well-known employment agency explains that during the pre-Christmas period Santa-Claus-outfit-wearing people earn the highest salaries, which range from PLN 23 to 30 per hour. For each ‘home visit’ they can make from PLN 170 to 230. The news agency IAR claims that a professional Santa Claus can make up to PLN 6,000 over the festive season. On the other hand, sellers of Christmas trees can make from PLN 10 to 18 an hour. Those who sell carp can make the same. Sellers of fireworks and waiters earn the least amount of money in the festive season and make from PLN 85 to 14. Elves and snowflakes cope rather better and can even make up to 15 PLN for one hour’s work. In November and December the number of free workplaces in seasonal work is higher by about 30 percent. Employment agencies show that during the Christmas period the average number of new workplaces created is 2,000.

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