Vint Cerf in Warsaw

Father of the Internet

Father of the Internet

Vint Cerf played a key role in creating important internet standards when he worked for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). He will deliver an open lecture called “Internet yesterday, today, tomorrow” on Wednesday at 13:30 at Warsaw University Library (BUW). Now 70, Cerf is still an active programmer and Vice President of Google. He is an undisputed authority and a leading figure in Silicon Valley. He works at Google as a motivator and regularly speak to employees at Mountain View. Employees calls him “the head evangelist of the internet”. Nowadays, Cerf preaches a new ‘gospel’. He deals with the subject of creating a new web, but an interplanetary network, which will be the basis of intergalactic communication. Vint Cerf became a member of the advisory board for cyber-security operating at ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). He has won many prestigious prizes in IT, such as: the Turing award, the National Medal of Technology and the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

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