American Style, Polish Brand

Lamp Empire

Lamp Empire

Interview with Anna Nawrot, owner of Lamps&Co.

How did you get the funds to begin your enterprise?
All the money I had to start my own business were my own savings. It was my biggest dream to run a high profile company that would be known for its high quality products. I knew that it would require a lot of work.

Do you create your own products, or are the designs outsourced by other companies?
The materials that we use in the production of our lamps are imported from foreign providers, such as: Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller amd Moda Fabrics. Lampshades, wooden stands and textiles are provided by small Polish workshops. The greatest challenge for me was to find subcontractors for my company that would be able to make high quality products for a low price. It took me a few months to find a trustworthy enterprise that could make suitable lamp stands. I always have many attempts and make many alterations before I am satisfied with final designs. At the same time when we were tweaking the final designs for lamp stands, I was already looking for a manufacturer that could produce the lampshades. There were many companies offering different prices and standards; nevertheless, I managed to find a provider that fulfilled all my expectations.

Are you cooperating with Polish companies abroad?
I’m currently working on Polish sales coverage and I’m constantly trying to broaden it. I’m opening a lot of new boutiques and even an internet shop with a Polish domain; so there certainly is a demand for my products. The next step for my company will be to gain new clients from abroad and to establish partnerships with foreign companies. In spite of the fact that my company is quite young, my products are sold not only in Europe but also worldwide. I still remember one of my clients. She was from Australia. She fell in love with our lamps, and ordered one of the lamps despite the transportation costs from Poland to Australia, which amounted to half the price of the lamp itself.

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