Polish Students Under Attack in UK

Poles Moving Abroad

Students No More?

Polish students in the UK will lose financial support for studying. Many Polish students studying in the UK, who have been financially supported by the Student Finance Company, will lose their financial aid in the middle of the semester, for no apparent reason. Some Polish students studying in the UK have been given an extremely unpleasant surprise for Christmas with all financial support, including scholarships and social allowances, to be suspended in the middle of the semester. Interestingly, these steps do not apply to all foreigners studying in the UK, but only to Polish scholars. A large number of students from Poland have already appealed for help to the Polish ambassador in London and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski. “Please intervene immediately. This is a campaign which is allegedly directed to all students from the EU, but in practice financial assistance has been revoked only for Polish students. We do not have money to pay bills and will soon be thrown out of our houses,” reads one letter to the diplomat. The situation is being investigated by the Polish embassy in London which ensures students there is no reason to worry. “No one has yet confirmed these reports. We contacted the Federation of Polish students in the UK. From what we know, there have been no legislative changes,” a Ministry spokesperson says.

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