Polish Polar Bears

Bears of the Pole

Genuine Article

Four women and 6 men plunged into the ocean near Sandy  Hook, New Jersey on the 15 December. Their swim took almost half an hour. The ‘polar bears‘ dipped into the water for 2-3 minutes, then ran along the beach to warm up. They did this three times. The polar bear plunge was organised by the Polish Polar Bear Club of the Polish-American Sports Association (PASA). 42 people took part in the event. Some of them got cold feet at the last moment and pulled out because they were frightened of the cold water. Although the sun was shining, there was a very strong wind. The temperature of the water was around 2-3 degrees Celsius, although the air temperature was -10 degrees Celsius. A ‘polar bear’ is a colloquial expression for a person who dives into freezing cold water. The point is to build stamina, fitness and stay healthy. “Bathing in cold water is actually not biologically unusual for humans. However, just like all forms of physical exercise and exertion, one must be prepared,” according to the head of PASA Andrzej Krygowski. A bath in water which is around zero degrees Celsius should last no more than a few minutes because of physical dangers to the body.

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