Polish Woman Receives OBE

Queen Honours Pole

Queen Honours Pole

62-year-old Elżbieta Wanda Piotrowska, director of Morley College in London, has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II with an OBE for her contribution to adult education. Piotrowska was born in Great Britain to a family of war refugees (her mother was imprisoned in Oberlangen and her father was a soldier setving under General Stanisław Maczek). She has been director of the college since 2008. It specialises in adult education and was founded in the 1880s. Piotrowska also worked at Ofsted and she has also been a teacher and manager. She graduated in sociology at the University of Kent. “Education was the only way to rise above others and find my place in society. My parents thought it is the only way for Polish children born in the UK to gain social acceptance,” she said in a recent press interview, “I consider myself a privileged person by working in a sector that matches my values​​,” she explained. There are approximately 11,000 adults educated a year at Morley College in south-east London. It specialises in the social sciences and arts (including painting, music, acting and dance). The well-known composers Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams worked at the college. Currently, painter David Hockney cooperates with the college.

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