Corrupt Ministry

Fighting Corruption

Fighting Corruption

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development has stopped sending invoices for spending on e-government to Brussels. The reason is that there are allegations of corruption by one of its officials. Iwona Wendel, deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Development, explains that its decision was taken following accusations by the Public Prosecutor in the investigation of tenders for computers. According to information provided by the Public Prosecutor there are 40 instances of corruption, one related to a finance project using EU funds. The tender in question is worth PLN 12 million, of which about PLN 10 million PLN comes from EU funds. The Ministry has withdrawn the invoice in question and sent no invoices in December – they want to stay ahead of the European Commission which could block all payments if corrupt invoices are discovered. PLN 3.9 billion in EU funds was allocated to the development of e-government in Poland. So far PLN 1.87 billion in spending has been confirmed. The other half is still awaiting certification. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development maintains that this money will not be lost.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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