Polish Inventors Conquer Brussels

EU Conquered

EU Conquered

Polish scientists have conquered Brussels. During “Innova 2013”, Polish scientists collectively won 23 medals (including 19 gold) and the Grand Prix. The main prize went to the Warmińsko-Mazurski University in Olsztyn and Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń. An interactive 3D system of planning and documenting plastic surgery attracted most attention. Gold medals also went to such novelties as: a new method of producing cured meat using fewer allergens, adhesive bandages for badly healing wounds and a new type of painkiller designed for patients suffering from chronic pain related to cancer. The jury also acknowledged a Polish research team from Medical Inverni for their so-called ‘artificial bone’ that can be used in dentistry and post-traumatic surgery. Young Polish scientists were also successful. For example, a student from Połaniec designed a wristwatch that can help locate people with memory loss; students from Jastrzębie Zdrój invented a ‘flashlight’ for blind people, helping them to move about more freely. Young inventors from Białystok were distinguished for designing a glove that will help people unable to speak. In addition, a group from Częstochowa won an award for designing a grabber for firefighters and bomb squads. 230 inventions in medicine, IT, chemistry, biology and electronics were exhibited in Brussels. 93 of them came from Poland. Prizes and awards were handed out by a jury consisting of almost a hundred experts from all over the world.

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