European Federation Close

Federation - Coming Soon

Federation – Coming Soon

“In a few years, Europe will become a federation,” announced European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in his interview with British newspaper The Telegraph. The European Union will soon transform into a European federation. During the interview, Barosso admitted that today it may sound like political science fiction, but, according to him, soon the Federation will become a reality for all European Union countries, regardless of whether they are in the eurozone or not. “We want to put everything on the table in a clear manner,” said the European Commission President. More details about the design of the future federation are to be revealed in May 2014 before the elections to the European Parliament. Jose Manuel Barroso urged leaders of European countries to accept political union despite anti-integrative and europhobic rhetoric. “I believe that major political forces in the European Union should take the initiative, abandon conformity and lead the debate instead of giving way to eurosceptic or europhobic forces,” said Barroso. “If we believe in democracy in Europe, if we take European citizens seriously, we have to fight using rational arguments and unshakable beliefs. And we have to be convinced, as I am, that by using them we will win this debate.”

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