Polish-US Centre of Innovation


Polish-US Innovation

HUB, a centre for innovation, created on behalf of the US-Polish Trade Council (USPTC), has begun trading in Silicon Valley. This is a great opportunity for Polish companies that plan to launch on the world market. The most important criteria for participation in the project is being innovative, which is judged by the HUB committee. HUB is a great chance for Polish enterprises to access know-how and make business contacts; it is also a wonderful opportunity to get access to American venture capital funds. Polish enterprises planning on participating in the HUB project must have a concept for an innovative product in either biotechnology, medicine or business. All ideas connected with mobility and the internet are seen as valuable. Next, the wannabe innovators need to take part and win one of the competitions organised by National Centres of Research and Development, the Academic Incubator of Enterprise or the Top 500 Innovators Society. Realistically speaking, one in a thousand companies has the chance to succeed. To begin with, Polish HUB intends to help a dozen Polish enterprises annually. An investor club with serious investment capital may later be established to have more financial muscle in order to help the burgeoning Polish market. HUB has decided to focus on Silicon Valley as its market increased by about 16% last year. What is more, there are many people and businesses interested in investing in innovation. Silicon Valley also gives opportunities for serious growth and it is a wonderful place to being promoting a particular business and its products.

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