Loving Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh in Polish

Van Gogh in Polish

Production of the animation starts in March in Gdańsk. The script was penned by director Dorota Kobiela as well as Jacek Dehnel. “Loving Vincent” is an 80-minute-long crime documentary which tells the story of the life, misery and death of Vincent van Gogh. It is a set of almost 56,000 frames painted like paintings on canvas. “Not every frame is going to be a separate painting. Technically, the frame is first created and then the painter paints only particular changes in the movement of the character. After finishing production there will be over 1,000 paintings,” says Sean Bobbitt, chairman of BreakThru Films who is bringing the film to life. He explained that until now, only short painted animations have been created, but “Loving Vincent” is going to be the world’s first full-length painted animation film. Sean Bobbitt told us that over 100 van Gogh paintings will be animated. “We want to tell the story of the last days of his life, so people get to know him better,” explains Bobbitt. The director and original concept was by Dorota Kobiel who prepared the script with poet and writer Jacek Dehnel. At present, the pre-production stage is coming to an end. The film budget amounts to approximately $20 million of which PLN 2 million comes from the Polish Film Institute. “Our goal is to finish the film on schedule, so it can premiere at Cannes in 2015,”    says Bobbitt. BreakThru Films was established by Hugh Welchman in London in 2001. They produced “Peter and the Wolf”, which won an Academy Award in 2008 for best short animated film. Se-ma-for studio in Łódź participated in this Polish-British production. Another collaborative project was “The Flying Machine” (2011), an adventure story following in the footsteps of a Polish composer, which is mix of modern animation and camerawork.

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