Witcher Comes to America

The Witcher Returns

The Witcher Returns

The Witcher graphic novel is being published in the US prior to the launch of the third Witcher computer game. The graphic novel, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s character, will be published by famous American publisher Dark Horse, which is also know for publishing graphic novels like Hellboy, Usagi Yojimbo, Sin City and the Star Wars series. The Americans have decided to create a whole new series about Sapkowski’s Witcher, although the initial plot will differ from the plot of the third instalment of the widely popular game, Witcher#3: Wild Hunt. The scriptwriter of the series is Paul Tobin, the illustrator is Joe Querio. Dave Johnson designed the cover of the graphic novel. Both are well-known graphic designers in the USA who have worked on the 100 Bullets and BPRD series. In the graphic novel, Geralt of Rivia will face a ghost woman who has changed an abandoned house into a house full of monsters and other creatures. Two series of the Witcher graphic novels have already appeared in Poland. In the 1990s, Bogusław Ploch illustrated six volumes which were penned by Maciej Parowski, based on the Andrzej Sapkowski books. The concepts were faithful to the literary original, but some found it controversial. In 2011 two more volumes came out. They were illustrated by Arkadiusz Klimek (coloured by Łukasz Poller) with script work by Michał Gałek. Although this time, Arkadiusz Klimek based the storyline on the computer game, created by Przemek Truściński and Michał Gałek who developed their own story within Andrzej Sapkowski’s world. There is also an application for iPhone and iPad that lets you read animated versions of the graphic novel which can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

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