Science Leaps Forward

Is It Improving?

Is It Improving?

Poland’s Minister of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) has presented the priorities of the ministry for 2014. Developing a system enabling the efficient use of EU funds for the humanities and preparing students better for the job market are just two of the priorities of the ministry for 2014, announced by Minister Lena Kolarska-Bobińska. During a recent press conference, Kolarska-Bobińska explained that one of the most important goals of the ministry is the effective use of EU funds and the programme implemented to do this is called “Innovative Science, Innovative Economy”. She added that nowadays scientists use different resources to get funding, for example regional programmes, the European Horizon 2020 programme and Erasmus+. “Universities feel lost and don’t know how to use these resources,” the minister pointed out, “We can reach for really significant resources, but one of the conditions is cooperation and collaboration across three areas: science, business and government. Money from the EU can make our economy innovative, but the development of cooperation across these three areas is vital,” she emphasised. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Development (MiR) Elżbieta Bieńkowska was also at the conference. She reminded the audience that by 2020 expenditure on research and development will increase to 2%. “We want the Polish economy to go from an imitative model to an innovative one. We want to conquer Europe and the world through innovation. It is impossible to do this without good universities, a good education system and cooperation between science, the economy and enterprises,” she said. MNiSW want to implement a system that supports the whole process of the implementation of inventions. “We want entrepreneurs to be able to have an impact on the direction universities are taking, to support not only specific research, but also the whole process of education,” Kolarska-Bobińska said. MNiSW also wants PhDs sponsored by business. “Entrepreneurs in close cooperation with universities may put in a request for PhD research on a particular subject, so that PhDs are created in collaboration with industry,” said the Minister of Science. Another priority is to improve the job market for graduates. “We will seek to ensure that universities do not have graduates that cannot find a job,” said Kolarska-Bobinska.

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