Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik

Changing Face of Economy

Changing Face of Economy

The deputy minister is responsible, among other things, for attracting foreign investment to Poland and the promotion of the Polish economy. This year she realised several politically significant projects. Poland’s Special Economic Zones have been extended in time to 2026, which was being opposed by the Ministry of Finance for two years. She managed to put an end to this opposition helping to breathe life into much-needed areas. The deputy minister has proved to be a skilful player, although she has been helped a little by the current economic climate, for example, the dismissals at the Fiat factory at the beginning of this year. Political machinations have also been important too, as the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2015 have been a reason for the government wanting to announce as many successes as possible next year, for example, those regarding large investments. This has put Antoniszyn-Klik in the limelight. The changes in the Ministry have meant that it will be possible to implement many changes, the effects of which will be noticeable, however, only after the elections.

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