Polish Supermodel Injured

Beauty Maimed?

Beauty Maimed?

Polish supermodel Anja Rubik has posted an odd photo of herself on her Instagram account. It shows a deep scratch on her body. However, the model has reassured her fans that the ‘wound’ was not perpetrated by her love Sasha, but rather her cat. The beautiful model is always willing and eager to show fans her private photos on social networks. It is no surprise because Anja Rubik has much to be proud of. Her foreign career is heading onwards and upwards and her private life is even better. However, this time Anja’s fans were a little surprised with what they saw. The Polish fashion icon posted a picture of her scratched breast! Allegedly, it was her cat. Like Poland’s other fashionista and supermodel Joanna Krupa, Anja Rubik is also well known for her love of animals. She has recently been boasting about a new dog and also has a tattoo of a rat on her wrist. The only question that remains is why did Anja get into this cat fight and who provoked the attack?

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