Revolutionary Polish Bike

IzzyBike Revolution

IzzyBike Revolution

It has seduced everyone who has ridden it. It won first prize in Think Big, organised by UPC Business, a competition for small businesses with global ambitions. This is not the first award for this unusual vehicle. Marek Jurek, an engineer from Warsaw, decided to create a new design for a bike. Two years ago, his IzzyBike was completed. He took it the the Iena fair in Nuremberg in 2011 and returned with a gold medal. One Polish businessman said that if it were not for the global crisis, IzzyBike would probably already be in the shops and on the streets. The Think Big award may change this. It is true that PLN 40,000 may not be enough to start mass production, but Martha Herb, daughter of the inventor and IzzyBike ambassador said that winning the competition will help launch the bike quicker onto market. The competition jury found IzzyBike to be the most innovative business design of the ten who made it to the finals of Think Big. The competition included: Electronic Flower MarketElimiDate, a mobile dating application; Fanshop for triathletes; Kinetizer, an innovative tool for the job market; Scriptures Procedure Wizard, which helps users create lawsuit and pleadings; Mamabu, a Polish design store for children; Museum Guide, a mobile platform for attractively presenting art; the National Network of Children’s Laboratories Junior Explorer and Windu CMS, a tool for creating web pages. The last two won the second prize of PLN 10,000.
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