Polish Company Signs Dell Contract

Polish Printing

Polish Printing

Olsztyn-based Zortrax will supply 5,000 3D printers to American computer giant Dell. “Signing this contract with Dell is a huge success because we beat off competition from many other companies,” says Rafal Tomasik, Zortrax chairman. “We’ve been negotiating with Dell since last year. It was difficult to supply this amount of printers at first but we quickly resumed negotiations. After that, we signed an agreement,” noted Tomasik. The M200 printers will be delivered in two shipments. The first will be delivered by March 2014, the second by June 2014. Zortrax, operating now for four years, has been researching a prototype 3D device for two and a half of those years. Its aim was to create a piece of equipment which is affordable not only for the big guns, but also for small- and medium-sized companies. To obtain the necessary funds, Polish researchers used Kickstarter.com, a website where people can present innovative technologies and find potential investors. Thanks to this, Zortrax obtained nearly $180,000 from people all over the world to ‘kick-start’ the 3D printer initiative. Dell became interested in the project thanks to Kickstarter.com. Zortrax claims that the future belongs to 3D printers. “I firmly believe that in five, maybe fifteen years, people will be using this technology every day,” says chairman Tomasiak.

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