Turbo Boost for Polish Police

Turbo Boost for Polish Police

Kawasaki Revolution in Police

The new motorcycles of Łódź and Szczecin Police Force are said to be fast, manoeuvrable and light; news which will surely strike fear into the hearts of Poland’s more reckless drivers. The motorcycles will be equipped with Zurad video cameras. Will the new motorbikes be more effective in catching criminals? Many cars can hit speeds of 200 km/h, and the police Kawasaki will easily match that. Not only are the bikes light and manoeuvrable but they can accelerate at an impressive rate. In other words, in the hands of experienced and well-trained police officers the motorbikes will be the perfect weapon for fighting crime. The reason why the Kawasakis were chosen was because the Ninja ZX-10R and ZZR-1400 are highway motorcycles and best for these surfaces. The police will also patrol Poland’s national and county roads, which have slightly worse surfaces but bumps and other obstacles in residential areas are not a problem for this particular Kawasaki model.

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