Wi-Fi in Polish Trains

Distant Future?

Distant Future?

Polish rail operator PKP Intercity and T-Mobile have signed a contract for tele-communications services. This will give passengers of Polish Intercity trains access to Wi-Fi and other multimedia such as TV. The service will be available in trains travelling on the most popular national and international routes. The multimedia will include forty movies, fifteen TV series, ten cartoons and also games. 10% of these films and shows will be changed every month. “This business model really is setting standards for markets all over the world. We have focused on delivering the highest quality product,” says Marcin Celejewski, PKP Intercity chairman. He also added: “Thanks to our endeavours, our passengers will receive Wi-Fi, VOD, access to TV series, movies, cartoons and games through laptops, tablets and smartphones”. Unfortunately, PKP Intercity has not informed us yet when these services will be available and whether or not they will be free.

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