Poland’s Euro Decision

Euro Time?

Euro Time?

“If Poland continues to remain outside the eurozone it will stop being an important decision-maker in the EU,” according to the Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget, Janusz Lewandowski. He believes Poland’s decision regarding the euro will be as strategic as the decision to join the EU in 2004. The commissioner stressed that there are two countries that would be “welcomed” in the eurozone: Poland and Switzerland. “The level of trust in the eurozone, and not necessarily in the EU, is very low because of the crisis and the fact that, for example, the poorer Slovaks have to help the wealthier Greeks,” explained Lewandowski. In his opinion, if “the average Polish family and Polish businessman” are not convinced about the euro, there will not be the political majority necessary to change the constitution, which is necessary to adopt the euro. Lewandowski pointed out that accepting the euro will become increasingly important for Poland “during the development of the new architecture of the eurozone and then, once again, we will have to think deeply about the Polish raison d’etre.” He continued: “With regards to the debate about the euro we can expect a new wave of demagoguery similar to that which we witnessed in 2004 when Poland decided to join the EU in spite all those who threatened that it would be a new partition of Poland and that Polish land will be bought out, all lies for which no one apologised.” The commisioner argued that, “The chance to actively participate and be a decision-making party within the EU will eventually disappear if Poland is not part of the eurozone.” He stressed that the Polish elections in 2015 would determine “whether it makes sense to talk about a change in the constitution and further integration.”

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