Magda Gessler is Gordon Ramsey

Polish Gordon Ramsey?

Polish Gordon Ramsey?

The Polish version of Hell’s Kitchen will be shown on Polsat. As well as broadcasting Top Chef, Polsat has made the move to strike while the iron is hot and introduce Polish audiences to yet another cooking programme. Discussions are afoot regarding who will host Hell’s Kitchen in Poland. It was originally hosted by Gordon Ramsay in the UK. Most people agree that the Polish version of Hell’s Kitchen be hosted by Magda Gessler, who already hosts Top Chef. This seems likely because Jake Vision, the company that produces Top Chef, will also be producing Hell’s Kitchen. Several cooking experts will be pitting against one another, running a restaurant under the management of a famous Polish top chef, however, Poland’s culinary celebrities have not yet been selected. As always, one participant will quit the show every episode and the winner will take home a grand prize of PLN 100,000. Casting is currently under way. Applications must be received by the 10 February by sending an e-mail to or by calling 506-017-004.

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