Tusk Fighting for Ukraine

Helping Ukraine

Helping Ukraine

Prime Minister Donald Tusk is currently racing around the capitals of Europe in an effort to drum up additional support for Ukraine’s battle for democracy. Tomorrow Tusk heads for Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki. On Friday, Tusk met with Angela Merkel in Berlin to talk over a strategy for helping Ukraine. The same day he met with David Cameron in Oxfordshire, and the day before PM Tusk was in Brussels to discuss Ukrainian issues with the head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and the head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. If that was not enough, Donald Tusk met with French President François Hollande on Thursday evening. This was preceded by a Wednesday meeting with the heads of the Visegrad Group. PM Tusk highlighted the fact that, “Ukraine is our common European problem and common European responsibility. My main aim is to strive for a unified EU stance on Ukraine which can help halt any escalation of violence.” He also added that, “Ukraine must know that a partnership agreement with the EU is still on the table”.

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