Lawyers to Sue Government

Ready for Action

Ready for Action

This week sees the establishment of a webpage created by Polish lawyers who do not agree with transfer of money accumulated in the Open Pension Fund (OFE) to the Social Institution Institution (ZUS). The webpage will detail information about a class action against the government and how to join it. Potential participants will have only several weeks for filling in the required formal request. Paweł Kowalczyk, one of the lawyers who is preparing the law suit, says that lawyers are ready to move forward. They now need as many people as possible to join the class action. The formal request will be posted along with step-by-step instructions on how to fill it in on the webpage: It will probably take the form of an agreement, to be printed and signed along with a declaration of wanting to take part in the law suit. All these documents will have to be sent by post to a given address. As Paweł Kolwalczyk told, there are now 800 people who have declared their willingness to take part in the law suit. Kowalczyk is quick to emphasise that every person who has joined heard about the idea from the media or found the address themselves. The lawyers are aware that some people will resign from the law suit when it comes to paying court fees, but they are unperturbed. “It’s difficult to say how many people will actually decide to take part in the law suit and pay the court fees. Pessimistically speaking, there could be 100 people, but even if that would be the case, we would still have enough people to change the act,” says Paweł Kowalczyk.

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  1. rob zed · February 24, 2014

    Nice article


  2. Raf Uzar · February 24, 2014



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