Priestly Problem

Priestly Problem

Priestly Problem

Mariusz Kaczmarski, headmaster of a school, has decided to terminate the contract of a priest teaching catechism in the school. Only after his contract was terminated, it turned out that the priest had been conflicted with his students. Kaczmarski says, “the conflict and disagreement between the students and the priest had been increasing. There was something happening practically every lesson. It is difficult to say what the reason was. The priest may have not had the gift to communicate with young people. One incident was even recorded on a mobile phone,” says director Kaczmarski, “the priest apologised to both the students and parents.” Director Kaczmarski added that, “twenty four hours after the incident, the priest received termination of his contract.” Wojciech Lippa, the head of the diocesan curia office in Opole, informed the public that the priest from Kluczbork had not yet been removed from teaching at the secondary school in Kluczbork. The curia is currently “examining the case in a wider context.”

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