Budimex Expands

Budimex Builds

Budimex Builds

Budimex expects a slight increase in sales for 2014. The Polish construction group is planning to increase contracting in 2014 by several percent in order to improve sales figures for 2015. Budimex intends to significantly increase the number of apartments on offer. The CEO of Budimex Dariusz Blocher said, “We’d like to improve our sales in the construction sector. An increase in sales at the group level will be difficult because after the sale of Danwood we lost around PLN 400 million in revenue. So at the group level we will fight to maintain the current level of sales.” He added, “I also wish to increase profit margins this year.” He was also quick to add that he expects an increase in the prices of some construction materials in 2014, such as asphalt, cement and steel. “This will not be as sharp an increase as we have seen before. There is a chance that the price of, say, asphalt may remain the same for the next two year,” he said. In 2003 Budimex signed contracts worth PLN 3.3 billion net. Budimex group’s orders were worth PLN 4.3 billion at the end of 2013, of which about PLN 1 billion was in the railways sector. Increasing the number of contracts in 2014 may translate into revenue growth in 2015.

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