LOT Sheds Luggage

Losing Cases Again

Losing Cases Again

On 15 February, LOT Polish Airlines organised an auction, in which participants had a chance to bid for and buy long-lost and forgotten luggage. Only 100 people were allowed to take part in the auction, and the tickets, which cost PLN 10 each, sold out almost immediately. The bidding process was slow at first, but after only about 20 minutes the bidders started to let the competitive atmosphere get to them. As a result, a case designed by little-known brand was sold for PLN 600. Although, the participants of the auction could only assess the value of each piece of baggage by looking at it, this did not stop them from bidding ridiculous sums for the luggage. Anna, who became the proud owner of a little pink suitcase, did not hide her disappointment during the auction: “I have to admit that my hopes are a little dashed as to the contents of the case, but I think that the case itself must be of some value. My budget for the auction was about PLN 1,200,” she added. The airline auctioned off 70 or so suitcases, which the owners had not collected for over two years. All in all, the contents of the bags and cases were not worth a great deal. Passengers usually put expensive electronic devices in their hand luggage. There have been cases containing electronic devices in them in previous LOT auctions, but the devices have been mostly old or outdated. Overall, the event was a great success, and LOT is keen to organise more auctions in the future. Perhaps, even online.

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