Lublin’s Luckless Airport

Lublin Doomed?

Lublin Doomed?

There are too many small. local airports in Poland. The existing ones, including those “luckless projects” in Radom and Lublin, are non-starters according to Jacek Krawczyk, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and former head of LOT Polish Airlines supervisory board. Lublin Airport started to operate in December 2012. Initially, the airport executives estimated that nearly 350,000 people will visit the airport in its first year even though EU experts estimated somewhat different numbers. Currently, the estimated figure is 200,000 passengers a year. In his statement for Polskie Radio, Krawczyk announced that airports like Lublin are doomed to fail. He also added that such projects are usually the result of the personal ambitions of local politicians rather than being undertaken for sound economic reasons. “An hour-and-a-half drive to Warsaw airport once a year when people go on vacation is not a problem. Business traffic from Radom can also use the airport in Warsaw. First and foremost, it is important to spend public money rationally.” Krawczyk also stated that at least a million passengers a year need to use the airport in order for it to be profitable. What is more, the European Union is already preparing an amendment to its laws which will limit the financing of small airports from EU funds. Apart from Lublin Airport, there is also an airport in Radom which is planning to start regular commercial flights in 2014 and an airport in Gdynia which is currently under construction. The EU is looking closely at the latter to make sure it is reasonable to build another airport within a 25-kilometre radius of the one in Gdańsk.

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