No Fast Internet in Poland

No Bright Future?

No Bright Future?

Next February, thousands of representatives from the optical fibre sector will come to the Warsaw International Exopocentre EXPO XXI to discuss the development and future of FTTH, that is fibre-optic cables which are channelled straight into our households and ensure a bandwidth of a minimum 100 Mb/s, according to Puls Biznesu. Poland may well be the host of the FTTH Conference, but there is nothing Poland can boast about in this sector. At the end of 2013, there were fibre-optic cables in 488,000 Polish households, but only 77,000 households were actually connected. This means that the so-called penetration of FTTH amounts to 0.7% in Poland. This is one of the worst figures in Europe, according to data presented at this year’s Conference in Stockholm. Poland may be at the fibre-optic tail-end, but it is in good company. FTTH penetration is similarly low in nine other EU states, including Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and Belgium.

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