Discrimination of Polish Employees

Successful Polish Immigrant

Successful Polish Immigrant

In Germany half of employees from Eastern Europe in full-time employment earn less than the statutory minimum wage. The British Prime Minister is aiming to deprive immigrants working in the UK of the right to family allowance for children who remain in their mother country. Germany and the UK are the two EU states to which Polish people emigrate most frequently. The Deutsche Welle website explains that in Germany even full-time employees from Eastern European countries earn less than the minimum wage. In December 2012 almost 53% of employees from Eastern Europe worked under such terms as compared to 20% of Germans. According to the Employment Office the earnings of these employees are as low as two-thirds of the minimum wage (in Germany the average minimum wage is €1,926 gross). Another problem that employees from Eastern Europe have to face is the recognition of their professional qualifications abroad. In Germany the recognition of professional qualifications is governed by federal regulations. Deutsche Welle noted that all 16 Länder have different provisions concerning the recognition of professional qualifications. This is the reason why such recognition is often so difficult for immigrants. In five German Länder no regulations have been passed that might guarantee immigrants the right to initiate procedures to recognise their professional qualifications gained at home. In the UK, employees from Poland may be deprived of the right to family allowance if their children remain in Poland. Almost 24,000 immigrant families from EU member states receive social assistance benefits, despite the fact that their children live in their mother country.

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