Kaczyński’s Political Fiction

Writing Fiction?

Writing Fiction?

“The new policies of Law and Justice (PiS) are over-optimistic and unreal. In their view money can be distributed willy-nilly even if one does not have it,” said Grzegorz Schetyna of Civic Platform (PO) in an interview with Polskie Radio. “The new policies of PiS are a great example of political fiction,” he added. “It is not enough to present policies in such general terms, we need details, for example, how much will things cost and where is the government supposed to get the money from. When somebody is so sure of victory, like PiS, they ought to know the answers to these questions,” said Schetyna, deputy chairman of PO. When asked about the possible debate between PiS head Jarosław Kaczyński and PM Donald Tusk, he said, “This debate will not take place. I understand because Prime Minister Tusk wants to talk about facts, not fiction.” According to Schetyna, PiS will promise things that are impossible to realise and to verify. He said, “The debate between the Prime Minister and PiS chairman should be organised next year during the political campaign.” In addition, he stressed that the recent PiS party convention has shown that the election campaign had already begun. During the interview, Schetyna was also asked about his standing in the mayoral election in Wrocław. “I have never considered running for local elections, but this topic is now under discussion in Wrocław. Personally, I am very curious about its outcome. For the time being, I have not excluded this option. This topic, however, is now lively commented on by the media in Wrocław. But for the moment, I have a lot of work to do connected with the Foreign Affairs Committee and the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament,” said Schetyna.

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