Nuclear Power in Poland

Power to the People

Power to the People

Preparations to build a nuclear power station in Poland may cost as much as PLN 2 billion. It is still unknown where the money will come from. The Polish Nuclear Power Programme (PPEJ) has finally been accepted by the government which officially confirms that Poland wants to build a nuclear power station. The decision mean a huge investment in the energy sector. The Nuclear Power Station 1 (EJ1) project, which is controlled by the state-owned Polish Energy Group (PGE), was given the green light to spend PLN 1.3 billion. That is the preliminary cost of giving so-called integrated permission to an external company. The funds are needed for choosing the appropriate technology, equipment and fuel supplier and deciding who will finance the most expensive construction project in history of Poland. Before any of this can happen, EJ1 will need to spend at least a PLN 250,000 assessing the environmental effects of the project and where it will be built (most probably in the vicinity of Żywiec). Considering other expenses, such as the purchase of 640 hectares of land and high corporate costs (some of which are being checked by the public prosecutor’s office), PLN 2 billion will be spent before any construction actually gets under way. Everyone involved (all of Poland’s largest electrical energy companies are participating) still cannot be sure that another ‘Żarnowiec’ will not happen again. Construction of a nuclear station in Żarnowiec came to an abrupt stop following the catastrophe in Chernobyl and a lack of money. Several weeks ago Prime Minister Donald Tusk intimated on Twitter that shale gas is the priority, coal is a must and nuclear power will only be possible if the funds are available.

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