Adverts or Relicts?

Is Ugliness Universal?

Is Ugliness Universal?

Once again, the question has returned of how can Poland can improve its cities. This is particularly pertinent with regards to the Universal building in Warsaw. Up to now, it has served as a ‘shell’ for large format advertising. The adverts were temporarily removed by the authorities, much to the outrage of internet users due to the fact that the building itself is somewhat of an eyesore. The answer may be to cover the building with a mosaic of adverts. The people behind this idea argue that this form of advertising is more designer-friendly and will help modernise the image of Polish business. Wojciech Wagner, head of the Warsaw Department of Aesthetics, does not agree. In his opinion, the mosaic of adverts will simply be “an extremely loud part of the general cacophony.” Internet users have been keen to emphasise how tired they are of the Polish landscape and in the opinion of many people, the authorities are not looking for effective urban solutions, but are just using advertising to cover up eyesores without doing anything more to solve the problem.

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