Polish PM Helping Ukraine

In Support of Ukraine

In Support of Ukraine

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has stated that IMF assistance for Ukraine will also come from Poland but this assistance cannot be used for Ukraine to repay its debt to Russia. The funds for Ukraine must be restricted so that they are well used. Prime Minister Donald Tusk explained that events in Ukraine are clear signs of hope for the country and also for Europe. “The ongoing revolution will result in the formation of new institutions, which will not only create the possibility of establishing a modern democratic state, but will also allow Ukraine to absorb foreign assets, which of course must be restricted and monitored so that they are used efficiently,” said the Polish PM. He stressed that Poland is well aware of the fact that the reduction of debt may not be enough to transform Ukraine. Ukrainians themselves must want changes, beginning with the need to tackle widespread corruption. “Ukraine needs to firmly establish the rule of law,” Tusk said. The Prime Minister believes Poland can help Ukraine take advantage of this historical moment. “It is a unique moment in the history of the whole region. Poland is not in a position to set any conditions for help to the Ukraine, because we are not the country offering it. Making Ukrainians believe that the latest events are only the beginning of their transformation can be Poland’s contribution to the cause,” he emphasised. The Prime Minister stressed that Poland will continue to support its neighbour.

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