ZUS Monitored

PM Unconcerned

Tusk Unconcerned

The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said recently that the tender for the Polish Social Insurance Institution‘s (ZUS) IT system, worth PLN 600 million, has been monitored for a long time. He assured the public that there is no reason for concern. Tusk said that he received material concerning this matter some time ago from the Central Anti-corruption Bureau (CBA). “The material is not alarming,” he pointed out, “Investigations have been undertaken. But for now there have not been any signs of breaches of the law,” the PM pointed out. However, he emphasised that he will take firm action if investigations prove any breaches of the law. “We are currently investigating the suspicious ‘ties’ the media have been reporting. If we come to the conclusion that something was done to the detriment of ZUS and against the law, strong measures will be taken,” Tusk said. According to Fakty, a TV programme broadcast on TVN, it seems probable that the ZUS tender was against the law. Journalists established that two persons from Asseco, two from ZUS, and a person who works in the Public Procurement Office, the body which monitors such tenders, worked together to swing the tender. Fakty found that the requirements of the tender were so detailed that it even mentioned the specific work experience and education of as many as 87 specialists. Consequently, only one company participated in the tender, Asseco Poland, and won.

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