Pre-paid Electricity in Poland

New Era for Electricity

New Era for Electricity

Energa, a Polish electricity provider, will begin supplying pre-paid electricity in Poland in several weeks’ time. 400,000 smart electricity meters have already been installed in the cities of Gdynia, Toruń, Kalisz, Koszalin and in several dozen villages in the northern part of Poland. Energa‘s next step is to begin supplying pre-paid electricity in those places. The smart electricity meters were previously installed in the homes of customers who were regularly overdue with payments. Alina Geniusz-Siuchnińska, Energa spokesperson, says that the new pre-paid service will be used by customers who rent flats or have allotments and do not use electricity regularly. The new system will be simple and affordable. There will be many options for remote top-ups. It will be possible to buy electricity using either a mobile app, website, or an eBOK account (Energa’s electronic customer service) as well as in some shops, customer service points and gas stations. Thanks to access to the meter being remote, clients will be able to forecast the amount of electricity they use and check their remaining balance. Automatic notifications will remind them that they need to top up the meter before the pre-paid amount has been used up. Other electricity providers, including Tauron, PGE, RWE and Enea, are still playing catch-up with regards the introduction of smart electricity meters. Izabela Żylińska, chief editor of, a website devoted to intelligent energy systems, believes that we should not expect a flood of smart meters in the near future. The EU has given providers and operators time to introduce the meters by 2020 and many companies will wait to the very last moment to install them.

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