13-year-old Jesika Giving Birth

Young Mum

Young Mum

13-year-old Jesika Górska may still be a child but she will soon be a mother. The girl has already gone into hospital, in Włocławek. “She will give birth any day now,” according to doctors, who confirmed that it would be a baby girl. “The baby’s fine and will weigh more than 3 kilograms,” said Jesika before entering the maternity unit. Jesika became pregnant in the sixth grade of primary school. She was only 12 years old at the time. Despite this fact, she said she wanted to have the baby and raise her child. However, the girl is afraid that her baby will be taken from her as she lives in a tiny house with her mother and four other siblings. “I know that I will love my baby more than anything,” says Jesika. “She’ll be happiest with me,” she adds. Jesika did not have an easy childhood. Her father drank and abused her mother and her four siblings. When the girl was 9 years old, her mother ran away with her children. After some years, she found the love of her life, a quiet, pleasant man. They all live in a small house. There is no running water, and the walls are moldy. The municipal authorities want to put the young mother and newborn in a special facility but Jesika hopes that the local government will try to find a council house for the two of them and her mother which is dry and has running water.

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