Meat From Eastern Poland is Healthy

Tasty Polish

Tasty Polish

“There is no reason for concern; pork is healthy,” according to Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Stanisław Kalemba, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, has promised that the government will not leave farmers without assistance. After discovering two cases of African Swine Fever (ASF), the veterinary services have designated a buffer zone covering a few counties in the Podlaskie, Lubelskie and Mazowieckie Provinces, along the Belarus border. Animals have to be kept in closed premises and meat cannot be exported from this buffer zone. According to European standards, meat that originates from such a zone must be marked as such. Prime Minister Tusk explains that “we have created a buffer zone for protection”. He emphasised that the cases of ASF in Poland refer only to boars. Thus, he claimed, there is no reason for concern because pigs have not been diagnosed yet and there is no reason to believe that this will happen in the nearest future. At the end of January, Russia demanded that pork exported from the EU to Russia was not certified. This ended with a ban on the import of meat to Russia. The export of pork is also impossible to a large number of other non-European countries like China, Japan or Korea due to the appearance of ASF in Poland. Tusk claimed that the issue is particularly difficult for producers of pork who have problems selling the meat. On Tuesday afternoon, there was a meeting of ministers regarding ASF. At a conference before the meeting, Tusk said that “we will work on recommendations… for the nearest future to alleviate… the concerns of producers and buyers of meat”.

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