Ukraine Solution

Minister Concerned

Minister Concerned

The head of the Ministry of Interior Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz has been discussing the Ukrainian crisis. “What is happening in Ukraine right now is having a direct effect on Poland’s security,” according to the Minister of Interior. He also added, however, that there is no direct threat to Poland. The minister said, “There is no doubt we are facing a crisis that will shift the balance of power in the region”. He added, “For Polish people, this is one of the most pressing challenges of the last 25 years, since the restoration of Polish independence”. Suddenly, there is a threat of aggresion, a creeping invasion of a neighbouring country. “Nothing like this has ever happened before so close to the Polish border,” said the minister. At the same time, he reasserted the fact that the services coordinated by the Ministry of Interior, including the Border Guard, are well prepared and that the Polish border is stable. “We are in touch with Ukrainian forces on the other side of the border. We have not observed any increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine. At the moment, there are two scenarios to expect: Russian military intervention accompanied by the surrender of the international community or a declaration of war,” said Mr. Sienkiewicz. He also added that the trick is to find a solution which does not entail either of these scenarios, “as both of these options are unacceptable for both Poland and Europe,” he warned. According to Mr. Sienkiewicz, the most important factor will be the reaction of the US and important international organisations to the crisis. They would be able to set in motion the legal mechanisms which could stop Russia in its tracks.

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One comment

  1. Jim Buba · May 24, 2015

    Don’t expect the U.S. administration under any Democrat to support Poland for anything. As for the EU, they will support only countries that are;
    A) heavily bankrupt in order to take full-control when the notes come due
    B) loaded with energy.

    The rest fall by the wayside of banker whim, investment or defense over which is subject to negotiation with the biggest gun on the block.


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