Polish Ecological Farming in Danger

Still Organic?

Still Organic?

Government policy over the next few years may inhibit the development of Polish agriculture, which is still growing dynamically thanks to EU funds. It is estimated that more than 80% of Polish-brand organic food is exported, mainly to the countries of Western Europe and the United States. According to data of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the end of last year, a 10% increase in the number and amount of organic producers was observed in comparison to 2011. Experts from the Polish Senate, the upper chamber of the Polish Parliament, maintain there is a visible correlation between the sharp interest in organic farming and EU grants, for which farmers have been able to apply from 2004. However, Tadeusz Solarski, Vice President of Polish Cereal Producers claims that farmers are concerned by rumours that EU support for organic farming will soon be reduced. The anxiety of Polish eco-farmers has increased due to the government’s new agricultural policy. Budget contributions per 1 hectare will go unchanged, but will halve for subsidised areas. Moreover, the draft rural development programme for 2014-2020, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, provides further restrictions (already partially introduced last year), which may deepen the slump in Polish agriculture. Both agricultural experts and Greenpeace believe that the number of organic farms in Poland will fall, which would be unique compared to all other countries across the globe.

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One comment

  1. gypsyprincess · March 6, 2014

    once again we have to see how money rules the world…


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